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Nicole’s innate sincerity and warm-heartedness compliment her talent and skill during her coaching-sessions; her ability to be perceptive and understanding make it possible to meet you exactly where you are.  I appreciate her advice and ability to support using her strong intuition, vs. textbook methods alone.    I would highly recommend to Nicole to anyone, as I believe we can all experience the need for getting “unstuck”, assistance with clarity, and/or an outside, neutral yet caring person to truly hear us, exactly where we are.

Eva, West Dennis, MA  – Makeup Artist



Nicole’s Aligning with Intention workshop was the perfect exercise to jumpstart my year! She created an inspiring environment that helped each participant to eliminate mental clutter and re-connect with essential aspirations, to generate ideas for positive growth, and to sit with the importance of quiet, honest reflection in the midst of our hectic daily lives.

Julie,  Orleans, MA  – Art Consultant

It was a complete pleasure working with Nicole. I was in the midst of my own career restructuring, and Nicole helped me break down, analyze and simplify all elements of my decision. Nicole is kind, open minded, and bright. The exercises we worked on together made me feel supported, while adequately challenged. I highly recommend contacting Nicole to help you navigate through any area in your life that could benefit from an overhaul.

Jennifer, NYC – Comedian


I found the coaching work I did with Nicole helpful and lasting. She has a open and honest approach and I felt unjudged and trusted her and the work. The work we did has helped me let go of the “shoulds” and judgements and focus on how to get what I want with my professional life, which incidentally effected how I approach all parts of my life. I am also more in tune with what I really enjoy and avoid in my life.

-Susie, Wellfeet MA – Artist and Gallery Owner


Nicole was made to do this work. No Doubt.

Lisa, Brewster, MA – Physician’s Assistant


Nicole has a unique ability to be empathetic and yet very honest and real, which helps her to provide really good feedback in a nonjudgmental but sincere and supportive way. She is very grounded and practical and that enables her to help someone achieve their goals yet make sure they are achievable at the same time. Nicole is caring and kind and positive – great qualities for a life coach! Her own life experiences give her a wealth of information on which to draw on to help her clients.

– Cil, Orleans, MA -Engineer

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