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This is a space to incubate, realign with your intentions and move forward with confidence.

This is for women who crave everyday evolution. What would it feel like to let go of the sticky places in life and move forward at your own pace, to go after the life you really want?

What do we do together?

Create Permission to Explore: Make tiny evolutions every day by giving yourself permission to explore. Whether you are just thinking, daydreaming and mind mapping or trying something different in the world, explore with joy and childlike curiosity.

Get Still: Learn new ways of connecting deeply to yourself and your inner guides. See what works for YOU.

Create a Clearing: Consciously let go of what is no longer serving you: let go, forgive, dissolve and disbelieve old thoughts you are holding in your mind and body. Clear out what makes you feel stuck and weighted and call in what feels aligned and light.

Set Inspired Intentions: What you choose to think about and put energy into is important. How do you crave to evolve? Speak it and write it down. Sit with it and decide when the wording feels right. Make the intention and declare it.

Actualize: Generate, foster, produce, build, construct, cause, make and give rise to whatever it is you want to bring forth into the world.

Observe the Proof: Harness the power of observation and feedback. Get out of your own head and into the space where you are simply noticing what is actually happening. From this space, adjust, tweak and realign.

These are offerings for every amazing woman who is a visionary, maker and creator to set intentions, explore, observe and create your BEST next thing.

You may be in transition, wishing for a new path or you feel a stirring for the next phase of your life. You may be starting a new business and want to collaborate with a sounding board that can help you get over the fear and doubt.

We are most likely a match if you have an idea or concept for what you want to do next but you need a little help getting there and you yearn for a safe nonjudgemental space talk it out and bounce ideas with a coach that can help you evolve.

Whether you want to dip your toes, take a deep dive or an intensive plunge, there is something for every comfort level. Once you start, you won’t stop. Go from stuck to started, create faith from fear.

When you find an offering that pops off the page to you, piques your interest, sets off the curiosity light and makes your body buzz with excitement at the possibility of learning more, head over to the contact section and send me a message if you have questions or pop down to the bottom of the page and set up a Discovery Session where we can get right to it.


It was a complete pleasure working with Nicole. I was in the midst of my own career restructuring, and Nicole helped me break down, analyze and simplify all elements of my decision. Nicole is kind, open minded, and bright. The exercises we worked on together made me feel supported, while adequately challenged. I highly recommend contacting Nicole to help you navigate through any area in your life that could benefit from an overhaul.
- Jennifer W. NYC



2 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with pre-work. This is a “Dip Your Toes” offering to gain clarity on what it is you are doing in the world with your heart, your head and your business/ project/ idea. It’s OK if you don’t have it all formulated. We will figure it out. Explore.

Conceptualize is for the creative woman who wants some perspective. 2 sessions to get the ball rolling, or keep it rolling in the right direction. Create a safe space for yourself and what you are creating.


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1:1 Coaching

3 month collaborative effort to get you from stuck to started. What would it feel like to have support as you develop and evolve your ideas and your next moves. I am here for you. We will have bi-weekly coaching sessions, serious accountability, directives in between and glorious comforting support as you open up to who you are meant to be in this world.  I will meet you where you are right now and provide a safe space to create, a sounding board to talk it out and support with no-nonsense tools to prompt you into real world movement mode. Decide you are worth it.


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Pocket Coaching Experience: Evolution

This bite-sized experience creates BIG shifts. Learn how to tap into your inner guides in 4 easy steps to set inspired intentions. 1:1 for 30 minutes and receive your own Pocket Evolution Experience Guide.


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Inspired Intensive

This is a 3 hour Coaching Bomb + Lunch. We meet for 3 hours in a specific fun and luxurious locale- and we rock your concept into creation. Three hours of deep work, coaching and fun. This offering is for the creator with a sense of adventure and love of good food! We will have a “working” lunch that feels like play in a beautiful setting. You can let your hair down, have a great meal and we will talk through what your inspired evolution might look and feel like. We will also map out a way to get there. Drench your senses, treat yourself and gain perspective.

Paris, France 10/28-11/28 2017

Current Locale: Cape Cod, MA 11/29-6/15 2018


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Inspired Dinners

Group Dinners featuring delicious food, engaging company, clarity, confidence and connection. While experiencing an intimate, thoughtful dinner, I will offer an introduction to new ways of communicating with yourself to foster connection and self trust. Inspiration will be weaved through the evening. Offerings of new ways to perceive your own personal story will be up for grabs. You will decide what is useful and leave the rest. I will make the setting and hold space for you to explore. You will be your own guide as to what resonates with you. Click here to learn more, or sign up for my list to be notified of our next event.


RYL - Reclaim Your Life

Twice a year I offer a FREE, live 8 Week course for Women in Transition in conjunction with WE CAN (Women's Empowerment through Cape Area Networking) of Cape Cod and HOW (Helping Our Women) in Provincetown. Learn new ways of moving through the world and rediscovering what moves you. If you are committed to building self love, learning new tools, building confidence and fostering connection, this is for you. If you are a woman who lives on Cape Cod and feel you are ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to explore and build to reclaim your life, please reach out! This class runs in the spring and fall. The commitment is showing up with an open heart and mind for 2 hours, once a week for 8 weeks.

Get notified about the when and where for the next Inspired Lunches, Dinners and new workshops. I will occasionally send you inspiration + musings to help you on your journey as you evolve.