I don’t dry my hair

I like the space between things

Women’s empowerment turns me on

I love anything that has more than one use, like a shirt that can also be a skirt… squee!!

Containers that are useful make my hands tingle, especially if they are in cool colors

I am a mermaid

I love food + drinks

I get fits of inspiration

I grew up in New England and have to fight to dissolve the Puritanical thoughts about what doing enough and working hard means

The ocean is my favorite place. I haven’t lived more than a mile away from it in more than 15 years. {that # is expected to go up}

The less clutter I have, the happier I am

I love camping gear, but I don’t camp that much

I am an investigator

I am sensitive

I am always learning to listen in the quiet moments

I can’t wait to meet you

I have felt stuck and still sometimes do. I have felt pain and again sometimes still feel deep pain. The difference is I have learned and developed  tools to move through these times with a little more comfort, support, awareness and {aspiring to} GRACE. I would like to share that with you.












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