about nicole

I want you to join me on this journey and become part of a community of women who defend their ideas with fierce yet gentle power.

I know what it’s like to yearn for a safe space to create, where all ideas are welcome so we can sift through the pile and find what resonates. I love the beginning of ideas. Before the next steps, before the design, branding and marketing of anything from your next project, product or move is the brainstorming and concept. It is this storyline and idea that needs to incubate in a safe space before it goes out into the world.

Want to know more about me? I am inspired by the ocean and nature. I love water and the beach and everything that comes with it. I love good food, creative people and community, handmade items, capable women who believe in themselves and people who set clear boundaries. I am inspired to help people with their next moves, projects and ideas. I have always been doing this work.


Get ready to spice up your autobiography.

You will never find out if you don’t take the first step.

I know because I waited to take the first step. I thought it would be so difficult. I thought it would be uncomfortable. The truth- it wasn't as difficult or as uncomfortable as staying put. It felt like freedom even in the midst of discomfort and that was just the beginning. Nothing is static. That uncomfortable, new, beginner feeling moves into wonder, creation of new habits, learning and a new way of moving in the world that becomes comfortable. It is a process that starts with the flicker of "I can actually do this."

I am a fierce defender of safe creative space and exploration. I help female entrepreneurs and creative women create this safe space for the forming of a new idea, project, business or plan.

Through setting intentions, allowing for exploration and observation we will take steps to create your best life. What would it feel like to acknowledge a process that fits you? What would it feel like to really notice and process what is happening to you? I help my clients get exactly that, a process of working and creating that works best for them and an internal process that feels good. There is no one right way to do it.

I know what it’s like to have this unformed idea just trying to form into your new thing, your new work, passion and purpose. This idea may have just barely been formed and you can only put it into safe hands. I created this space for you. It is your nest. It is a place to dive into this new concept and idea, help you craft it and bring it forth into the world.

Join me, I’m here for you.


I found the coaching work I did with Nicole helpful and lasting. She has a open and honest approach and I felt unjudged and trusted her and the work. The work we did has helped me let go of the “shoulds” and judgements and focus on how to get what I want with my professional life, which incidentally affected how I approach all parts of my life. I am also more in tune with what I really enjoy and avoid in my life.
- Susie N. Wellfleet

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