I help women who fear their greatness trust themselves to create and build their best lives.


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October 12-17, 2017

Cape Cod, MA

5 Luxurious Days

3 Amazing Facilitators

A chance to reflect and recharge.

A 30 Minute fully edited and scored mini documentary of your life story.

Tell me more!

Reflecting on our life and our Legacy isn’t just about what we want to leave behind, it’s about how we want to live every day. This retreat will help you connect with yourself and your story in a way you have never experienced before.





Coaching is you showing up fully present, open and honest and ready to declare your dreams. It is coming together with respect for intuitive conversation that can create shifts and move mountains. It is guided support. Me helping you rediscover your joy and wonder.

You releasing yourself from fear, pain and suffering. Picture yourself creating a life you want to live, one that makes your soul sing, do the happy dance. You already have the tools to recreate change in the right direction every time the puzzle pieces shift.


Only if you want to investigate, release, grow, live abundantly, find peace, get moving, create your dreams (or find them in the first place), be happy, find compassion, get to know your true self, make more moulah… add your own awesome phrase that includes what you have been dying for, craving and thirsting for; go on and name it. I DARE YOU!





One of my main mentors, Dr. Martha Beck thinks of Coaching as a personal trainer for your life. Like a personal trainer takes a healthy body to the next level, coaching can take your life from where it is to optimal performance (and a happy place). If you want more joy, help finding your feel good, more peace and healing in your thoughts, deep connection, then we should meet, like right now.



What we do with our system of coaching is to clear away the obstacles that are blocking people’s best selves. We add nothing, we simply subtract what isn’t working. The essential self that remains is far more sophisticated, intelligent, and beautiful than anything we could dream up. Since all our coaches are intensively trained, it shouldn’t surprise me that when they do this work in the world, they shine like lighthouses.

I’m still amazed that I get paid to do the most meaningful, absorbing work on earth (helping people realize their best lives). I know many of my coaches feel the same way. In a world that’s getting more bewildering, unsettling, and unsure, these coaches offer clarity, constancy, and confidence, both in the way they live and in the way they coach. These are rare and precious skills that will only become more valuable as we navigate the uncertain future.

Dr. Martha Beck, Harvard educated sociologist, life coach, and best-selling author of books like the Finding Your Way in a Wild New World and Steering by Starlight, O-Magazine contributor and creator and mentor of MY training program.



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