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I’m Nicole Gelinas, Martha Beck Certified Coach and lover of concepts and ideas. I help female entrepreneurs and creative women in transition trust in their greatness. Through inquiry, conversation and deep listening we will set intentions, explore, observe and create your BEST next thing.

This is a safe space to set intentions that really matter to you, to explore ideas and concepts, develop tools to create a more pleasant process, a place to listen and create permission to truly be yourself. This is a space to incubate, realign with your intentions and move forward with confidence.  What would it feel like to move your life or business forward with confidence through a process that is right for you?

I help my clients create more connection, foster confidence to make moves, create more peace and joy in their lives. How can I help you?

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You are creative and powerful. You will evolve.
But you must make the decision to commit to yourself.

How do I know?

As a coach, I create a safe space for female entrepreneurs and creative women in transition to set intentions, explore and create their best lives and budding businesses. Before you create, before you brand, before you market, you must have a concept and to grow that concept you must believe in yourself and feel confident about what you are creating.

The first step in creating that space is deciding you are worth it.

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Nicole is an excellent facilitator and holds the room with warmth and authentic yet quiet confidence in the process. She is inspiring and passionate, terrific in making sure everyone feels heard and validated.
- Kristen K Orleans, MA

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